Vistara Primary School, is located on seven acres of rolling countryside at Richmond Hill, 
7km from Lismore. It encompasses newly planted remnant rainforest trees, established 
rainforest, native birds and animals, terraced herb gardens, flower, fruit and native bush 
food trees and Koala habitat area.

   Our school buildings consist of airconditioned classrooms. The Lower Primary classroom 
has two learning areas. The building has two verandahs; one is used for outdoor art and crafts, 
the other is used for free play, story time, construction building and group activities.

A covered walkway connects to the middle and upper primary tree-top classrooms. The design 
of the building incorporates an octagon shaped hall, a get well room, pupil amenities and an easy 
access bathroom.
   Our school provides a stimulating learning and play environment. The grounds are terraced and consist of; a large shaded sandpit, quiet play/reading area, a paved area, 
a fenced handball court, a playing field and an adventure playground.

Vistara Primary School was established in 1987. It is a non-profit, Independent School. 

Vistara is registered with the Board of Studies.
School Address: Lot 8 Richmond Hill Rd, Richmond Hill via Lismore, NSW 2480. Phone: 02 66 244 127