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Vistara Primary School Students Artwork

Vistara Team

At Vistara, our culture of growth starts with our people. We look for employees who are smart, creative, empathetic, and fun. Once they’re part of our team, we support them by giving them opportunities to grow.


At Vistara, we recognize that employment is a two-way street and that jobs only work when they are mutually beneficial.

We’re not asking for our employees to be perfect. They just have to be “perfect” for Vistara.

At Vistara, we take pride in everything we do, whether it's exploring a complex solution or helping someone tie shoelaces. Accountability to ourselves and others is key.

At Vistara, that gets us excited. If we're not learning (and applying) then we're not doing anything that matters. Every day represents the opportunity to learn something new and be better at what we do.

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We look for ...

Empathy fuels connection. Success on all levels requires connection and it’s a quality Vistara actively seeks.

Intellectual curiosity
Being smart is a given, but not all intelligent people possess curiosity. You’ll be a great fit if you’re always intensely interested in learning more.

A sense of humor
Science says laughter improves your day-to-day physical health and when you laugh at yourself, you radiate positivity.

A collaborative spirit
At Vistara, we believe by working together we can achieve great things as a team. Independent work is important but so is the ability to collaborate.

For yourself and others. We never allow you to be treated with disrespect, and we expect you to treat others the same.

You want to make a measurable difference in young people's lives while advancing your own career. At Vistara, we support all our employees to bring them to the next level.

We’re looking for like-minded self-motivated people.

If that's you then we'd like to hear from you.

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Vistara Primary School Kindness-Certificate-2020
Vistara Primary School Kindness_Certificate
TAFE THANK YOU Vistara Primary School
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