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Vistara Primary School


Vistara Primary School is establishing an Alumni & Friends Community for past students, teachers, parents, grandparents and friends of Vistara Primary School. This is to renew and maintain contact with the school as well as build a historical resource about the school and the local area.


If you are an alumnus of Vistara Primary School and would like to contribute to this page, please register your interest by contacting our school  subject heading: ‘Alumni’

Where are they now?

Hanna-Crosby Vistara Primary School Alumni

Hannah Crosby  > past Vistara student


Hannah Crosby is an Australian Arts Professional specialising in 3D modelling for video games and prop making for theatre and film.   Hannah has worked for Microsoft and THQ creating characters for games, as an Environmental Artist for the Avatar games – ‘Into the Inferno”, ‘The Burning Earth’, “The Last Airbender’,  Prop Manufacturer for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok,  Finishing Artist and 3D Artist for Warner Bros, Aquaman, just to name a few. 


Hannah has also worked at Vistara Primary School as a guest Art Teacher. Students were thrilled to see Hannah’s works and learn artistic techniques from her.


Hannah thoroughly enjoyed being able to be a part of Vistara again. She said it was so good to be back.

Hanna-Crosby Vistara Primary School Alumni
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