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Vistara Primary School Nature Based Learning

Critical and Creative Thinking

Vistara Primary School uses Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT), an innovative program which is designed to teach students to think for themselves and be more resilient.

CCT helps prepare students with the skills, strategies and dispositions

for life-long learning.


Critical and Creative Thinking involves teaching students strategies

about knowledge, skills, behaviours and the seven dispositions

for learning.

Vistara Primary School Student

Dispositions describe a person’s inclination to use

particular skills when faced with problems to solve,

ideas to evaluate or decisions to make.

Macquarie University.

Vistara Primary School Learning

The seven dispositions are:


Open Minded


Risk Taker


Patience and Persistence

Ubiquitous Learner



The Minds Wide Open - Critical and Creative Thinking Program,

is both evidence based and Australian Curriculum-linked.

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