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Vistara Primary School Students Sport

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a religious school?


Neo Humanism and Neo Humanist Education is a philosophy and not a religion. People can belong to any faith or non-faith and still embrace its universal principles.

Vistara Primary School Students

Where do students go when they graduate from Vistara?


Vistara families like to select a High School that will further extend their child’s talents, special interests, skills or abilities. The schools that Vistara students have attended are; (in no particular order): Trinity College, Woodlawn College, Emmanuel College, Richmond River High School, Lismore High School, Kyogle High School, Cape Byron Steiner School, Kadina High School, Aquinas College Ashmore and other interstate High Schools. We encourage families to attend the High School Information Evenings to help them with their important decision.


How do students integrate from a small school to a large high school?


The beauty of being a smaller school is everyone knows each other well and students have scope to be seen, heard and supported during their seven year primary school journey.  The school’s size and philosophy helps students establish a solid foundation for learning, develop a stronger sense of self and meaningful connections with others and the world around them. This all helps Vistara Primary School students to graduate with confidence and feel ready for High School.

What percentage of applicants are accepted into these schools?

100% of Vistara students are accepted into their High School of choice.

If you are considering a Public High School, please contact the Dept. of Education to learn about school zoning.


If my child is not immunised by traditional methods, will I still be able to enrol my child?


Yes.  In a school setting, parents of Kindergarten children must be asked for an immunisation history prior to enrolment. If a family is unable to provide documentation, the child may still be enrolled, with the advice to parents that the child may be excluded from school during a NSW Health Warning outbreak.



Primary schools


Enrolment in a school, including a Kindergarten class or Kindergarten minus 1 class.

In NSW, primary schools are required to seek an immunisation history for each enrolled child prior to enrolment. If the parent of a primary school child cannot produce immunisation records the student may still be enrolled but can be excluded from school for the duration of the outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease. The NSW Department of Health provides the following information:


Under the Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulation 2012, primary schools must request and record the immunisation status of each enrolled child. 


The Immunisation History Statement which is issued by the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) is required as proof of immunisation status for enrolment at school under the NSW Public Health Act 2010. The Personal Health Record (Blue Book) is not acceptable evidence...  


…A parent can refuse to provide a History Statement to a primary school, but their child will be classified as not immunised and may be excluded from school if there is an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease in the school.



When does Kindy Orientation occur and who can attend?


Students are invited to attend Kindy Orientation once they have been offered a place of enrolment and this has been accepted by the families. Once students have been offered this placement, these students are no longer on the school's waiting list.

I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, can I still enrol my child?


Yes definitely. You will need to observe the school diet during school time and at all school functions. Vistara staff, families, students and friends have produced a school cookbook, ‘The Broccoli Forest’ to help you with lunch time ideas. For more information, please contact the school office. 


Are there any Neo Humanist Preschool’s or High Schools in this area?


We don’t have any yet; however, we are open to having a new Preschool and a High School being established in the Northern Rivers.

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