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Vistara Primary School Bus

School Bus

A bus service is provided by the Ministry of Transport.  This service is free of charge on completion of an application form available from the office at the time of enrolment. Other services are available between home and the pick-up point in town.


To apply for a bus pass, visit:





Departs:                8.40am  Bay 10

                           Brewster Street, Lismore (Trinity Interchange)

Arrives at school:    9:00am        




Departs school:      3.00pm        

Arrives:                 3.10pm  Bay 6   

                           Leycester Street, Lismore (Trinity Interchange)


The Vistara Bus has a Dragon motif located in the front window of the bus. 


All feeder busses arrive at the Trinity Bus interchange and students then hop on to the Vistara Bus.  The bus delivers Vistara Primary School students directly inside the school grounds and departs from within the school grounds.

Driving your child to School

If you live a long way from public transport and need to drive your child to school, you may be eligible to receive government financial assistance.


The School Drive Subsidy provides eligible parents and guardians twice-yearly payments to help cover some of the expenses of getting children to school.


To find out more visit: 


Arrival times at school if driven by car:


8.30am - Kindies

8.40am - Yrs 1 - 6


Departure from school if collected by car:


3.00pm – 3.20pm


For duty of care, students are expected to arrive within the times announced above.

Vistara Primary School Grounds
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