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Vistara Primary School Virtual Reality Learning

Fostering a love of learning

Teaching and learning at Vistara

The Key Learning Areas are:






Science and Technology

Creative Arts

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education



Vistara Primary School’s curriculum is based on Neo Humanist principles and these are integrated into the NESA’s NSW Syllabus (NESA  NSW Education Standards Authority) Key Learning Areas.

Vistara sets high standards for student achievement and the learning programs are carefully designed to stimulate student engagement and participation.  At Vistara there are opportunities for students to participate in project based learning, inquiry based learning, creative problem solving, design process and authentic 21st century learning.


In addition to these key learning areas there are several specialised lessons which foster personal growth. These include daily meditation, yoga, ethical and moral development, visible thinking routines, learning intentions, establishing a ‘growth mindset’, critical and creative thinking and deep learning.

How much time is spent on each area of the Curriculum

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