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“My daughter attended Vistara Primary School at Richmond Hill for five years up until her graduation from year Six. I chose to send her to Vistara as I felt dissatisfied with the mainstream education system for many reasons.


Class sizes were large and regimented; she was bored and also experienced some bullying which was not taken seriously.

I could see that my usually cheery and bright daughter was unhappy and reluctant to go to school.


I was cautioned by others that going to a small alternate school would not help and not prepare her for the “real” world. This was most certainly not the case.


Vistara provided experienced, committed and interested teachers and staff, who genuinely care for their students. The required curriculum was covered thoroughly and presented in vibrant, interesting, engaging and innovative ways. Vistara’s approach and philosophy toward education instilled positive values and promoted an environment where children feel safe and care for one another and the world around them.


My daughter learnt to be a confident individual and was allowed to voice her herself and was listened to and respected.


I was anxious when she graduated and commenced at a High School of one thousand students where she knew nobody. She however took this in her stride with confidence.


Vistara prepared my daughter to be a confident, caring, expressive and intelligent young girl who is not fearful of voicing her views or placing herself in challenging situations.


She achieved above average academic results and became school Vice-Captain.


My daughter has since graduated from University with a double degree in Law and Journalism and has been the recipient of two Journalism awards.


I would not hesitate in recommending Vistara Primary School and truly believe that the time that she attended and enjoyed at Vistara, played an integral role in preparing her to succeed in the “real” world.”

Rebecca, Vistara Parent

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